Oct 092011


I’m not here, but I still pay the bills

The ministry on here, still appeals

I check in every now and then, but not to update

I’m moving sideways right. Best not wait

I’ve taken a sabbatical, but I’m still life learning

The future of the site, still undetermined

The prayers of the righteous availeth much

but your lack of prayers faileth much

God, I still fear

Things worst than they appear

And yet I’m still here

Thankful for these years

The Baptist in me, drinking this beer.

Oct 192010
Is Atheism a religion?

There’s an article in the Christian Post entitled “Atheism Becoming the New Religion, Evangelicals Warned.” Hmmmm, I thought to myself. As far as I know and according to Princeton University’s [Read Full Text]

Sep 222010
Black Preacher

In times of sorrow, sometimes we need to laugh. Oh, this is awful, but who am I kidding. I couldn’t stop laughing. Sean Plummer, has created a cartoon series entitled [Read Full Text]

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